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The all new next generation Escalade SUV and Escalade ESV (LWB) once more set the bar for the high performance, Luxury SUVs. Thundering from 0-60mph in 6 seconds and ¼ mile in 14 seconds, these incredibly comfortable SUVs delivery express train performance for up to 8-passengers in a choice of regular or long wheel base depending on your luggage requirement.
The Escalade has a completely overwhelming list of standard features – power everything (incl. power folding second and third row seating!) plus so much more – should you wish for a full breakdown, please let us know and makes some time!
The interior is lovely. Cadillac has genuinely stepped up its game recently in terms of materials and fit/finish. Superbly finished with open-pore wood, chocolate leather covers nearly every surface (other colours are available). Both the wood and leather pieces extend all the way into the door jams an unnecessary, though wonderful extra that comes across as real luxury. Things still aren`t quite on par with the very best efforts from Bentley, the equivalent BMW for instance cannot hold a candle to the richness of this particular Cadillac`s innards.
The Mercedes-Benz GL also doesn`t look like much when compared to the new `Slade either, despite being some observers SUV of the year back in 2013 based on the fact that it drove so well. However, with its new magnetic shocks, so does the Cadillac even on the monstrous 22-inch wheels. In summary, the new Escalade is quick (0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds for the long wheel base ESV which means the regular SUV will be under 6); handles excellently for such a massive truck credit to magnetic shocks); comfortable, luxurious, still plenty spacious (especially in ESV guise); handsome and intimidating (especially in black).
No surprises then that the Cadillac Escalade picks up exactly where the last one left off. In fact, it’s by design. Those who get it are going to rush right out and get it. Much like Cadillac has done before and is now, you can bank on it.


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