IVA Test

Individual Vehicle Approval (formerly Single Vehicle Approval) was made mandatory more than twenty years ago by the Department of Transport for all newly imported vehicles ten year old or less. The IVA certification test and certification is required in addition to an MOT, as it’s principal purpose is to look at the vehicle’s design and not specifically is road worthiness. It covers everything from tyres to lights, mirrors, emissions, brake performance, seat belts and interior fittings.

Will my car need an IVA Certificate?

The first thing to check is whether or not your vehicle has a European Certificate of Conformity (COC). Assuming it was not manufacturer within the EU and/or specifically and solely for EU use, it will not and DVLA will require you to completed an IVA test in order to register your vehicle in the UK. In order to complete IVA certification, your car will required some changes to be made to exterior lighting and other items, subject to make/model and year of build.

The requirement for an IVA certificate often comes as an unpleasant surprise for people importing a vehicle. It’s not a widely known about but it is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to own and use a vehicle imported from outside the EU on UK Roads. All the vehicles sold by the American Car Centre come already re-engineer as required for IVA compliance and certified. However, if you have imported a left-hand drive vehicle that you need made compliant and submitted for an IVA Test, we will be pleased to arrange this for you.

What is checked in the IVA Test?

It does somewhat depend on the type of vehicle that you own but the Test is extensive with up to 70 different aspects inspected. These include many of the things you would expect in the standard MOT test but also covers such things as interior fittings, noise, seat strength, general construction and vehicle dimensions. Download a full list and comprehensive guide.

Fortunately, we were involved in the original consultation when SVA/IVA was launched and hence have had a great deal of experience in IVA testing and certification, the process of which we will be pleased to guide your vehicle through as painlessly as possible, so that you can get on and enjoy your new vehicle.

To book an appointment with our engineers call us on 020 7384 3044 or complete the enquiry form below. or complete the enquiry form below. Please note that the lead time for IVA testing in considerable, so it is often worth submitting your test application even before your vehicle has been shipped!

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