The Dodge Challenger

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The current generation of Challengers is third in line of a range of pony cars first introduced under the Dodge brand in 1970.

The wonderful new Challenger is offered with five different exhilarating models advancements – Challenger GT 303bhp, Challenger R/T 375bhp, Challenger RT Scat Pack 485bbhp plus the mighty Hellcat 717bhp and Hellcat Redeye 797bhp.

The Challenger Progression

The Challenger was an immediate response to the Mercury Cougar and Pontiac Firebird and a rather late response to the Ford Mustang which first came to market in 1964. Since then The Challenger has been become something of an icon in the US vehicle market dividing fans between it and the Mustang.

In 1970 the standard engine on the base model was a 3.7 L Straight-6. Higher spec models were offered with a 5.2L, 5.6L and 6.3L V8 with a 2-barrel carburettor. All models were equipped with a standard 3-speed manual transmission.

Surprisingly for such an iconic vehicle the Dodge Challenger has only progressed through three generational changes, the current generation being launched in 2008. Passing into the hands of the Mitsubishi Motor Company in 1978 the second generation Challenger lost something of its American look in favour of the more Japanese lines. Chrysler took back control in 2008 and the current, well recognised, Challenger was born.

The Dodge Challenger Market

Over time legends have been created in the first generation Challenger. With a low production and few models surviving, any Challenger is worth a substantial amount of money. According to Edmunds Inside Line ranks 1970 was a “great” year, 1971 was a “good” one, and then “three progressively lousier ones” (1972–1974).The performance engine 1971 Challengers are the most rare.

Dodge Challenger Awards

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