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There may be many reasons for wanting to buy an American car, there’s the simple pleasure of owning one of the great motor brands of the world such as Cadillac, Corvette or Chevrolet. Perhaps you’ve had enough of Mercedes and BMW and you’re looking for something a bit different; or perhaps you’re American and feeling homesick! Either way, when in comes to American car sales you need look no further than the American Car Centre.

We’ve been selling American cars in the UK for over forty years and so if you’re looking for in depth advice and years of experience when it comes to choosing the right American car, we can help you decide.
Why buy an american car?

Over the years we’ve known all kinds of reasons but setting aside the emotional reasons of just wanting to own a great brand, there are four things that make American cars an appealing purchase; performance, reliability, spec and, when you put all these things together, great value for money. The fact is that, pound for pound, you consistently get more car for your money. Although things have changed somewhat from the days when the only extra you got from BMW was a clock, American cars just ship with more add-ons as standard than most European equivalents. So if you’re looking for everything from satellite navigation to great all-round in car entertainment and a host of electronic gadgetry then buying an American car is much more likely to deliver what you want.